AMORONE Dog Harness – Your Canine Companion’s Comfortable & Safe Walking Partner



Your furry friend deserves the best walking gear that keeps them comfortable, secure, and safe on all your outdoor adventures. That’s why our AMORONE dog harness is the ideal choice for canines of all sizes. This ingenious 2-in-1 design includes an adjustable no-pull harness and a retractable leash in one convenient package.

Walks Filled with Freedom & Fun

The retractable leash allows your pup to explore and play while you maintain complete control. It automatically retracts into the harness vest when not in use, keeping your hands free and preventing a tangled mess. The leash extends up to 16 feet, giving your dog ample room to sniff, run, and investigate during walks. When they take off unexpectedly, the explosion-proof brake system activates to gently stop them in their tracks. This feature helps enforce good leash manners while preventing potential accidents or injuries.

Customized Fit for All-Day Comfort

Finding a properly fitted harness is essential for your dog’s comfort and safety. Our adjustable straps allow you to customize the size based on your pup’s unique proportions. Two shoulder straps and two chest straps slide effortlessly to tighten or loosen the harness until it’s perfectly snug but not constricting. Suitable for medium breeds with chest sizes 18 – 33 inches, this harness accommodates popular breeds like Beagles, Bulldogs, Pointers, and more. The breathable mesh lining ensures ultimate comfort during extended wear.

Enhanced Strength & Durability

Constructed from industrial-grade nylon webbing, this harness is designed to withstand even the most exuberant pullers. The sturdy D-ring leash attachment point gives you complete control without placing uncomfortable pressure on your dog’s throat like collars. Reflective strips help increase visibility during early morning or evening walks. For added convenience, step into the harness and secure the quick-snap buckle to keep it from slipping off between uses.

Safe Outdoor Adventures

Our 2-in-1 dog harness and leash keeps your pup secure and comfortable on all your adventures. Use it for:

  • Daily walks in the neighborhood or park
  • Jogging or hiking on trails
  • Playing at the beach or lake
  • Camping trips in the wilderness
  • Visits to outdoor restaurants and breweries
  • Strolls through crowded outdoor markets or festivals
  • Hunting and field training expeditions
  • Canicross races and other competitive dog sports

Wherever you and your canine best friend roam, our adjustable no-pull dog harness ensures stress-free fun while keeping them safe.

Tips for Proper Fit & Use

To ensure your pup’s comfort and get the most out of our 2-in-1 dog harness, follow these tips:

  • Measure your dog’s chest girth and choose the size chart recommendation.
  • Adjust the straps starting loose, then tighten gradually as needed.
  • You should be able to fit two fingers between the harness and your dog’s skin.
  • Check that the leash attachment ring rests on your dog’s back between the shoulder blades.
  • Teach your dog basic leash training commands like “heel” for best behavior.
  • Reward your dog for walking politely on a loose leash to reinforce training.
  • Use the enclosed brake system to gently stop your dog from taking off unexpectedly.
  • Check the harness for signs of chafing and adjust straps looser if needed.
  • Hand wash the harness with mild soap and water to keep it fresh and clean.

Proper sizing and use helps ensure this harness keeps your medium-sized dog comfy and secure for the long haul.

Order Yours Today & Enjoy Worry-Free Walks!

Don’t waste another walk fussing with tangled leashes or ill-fitting harnesses. Our 2-in-1 dog walking system allows you both to enjoy your time together outdoors. Order now and we’ll ship your AMORONE adjustable no-pull dog harness and retractable leash directly to your door.

Your loyal companion deserves the best. Keep them comfortable and safe on all your adventures with this high-quality harness built to last. Shop now and enjoy the walks you’ve been dreaming of!


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