Ameolela Adorable Puppy ID Collars – Easily Identify Your Pup From Day One



Welcome home, little fur baby! As a new pet parent, you want to make sure your precious pup stays safe and sound. That’s why having the right puppy identification is so important in those early weeks and months. Allow us to introduce the Ameolela Puppy ID Collar Set – the cutest and comfiest way to ID your pup from day one!

This set comes with 14 brightly patterned breakaway safety collars made of soft, adjustable nylon webbing. Available in a rainbow of colors and fun prints like polka dots, stripes, hearts and more. They’ll add a pop of personality to your tiny furball.

The collars range in size from 7.8 to 13 inches long and are 0.4 inches wide. So they’ll grow with your pup during the first couple months of life. The adjustable slide buckle makes it easy to loosen or tighten to your pup’s current neck size. And the quick release buckle means you can take the collar on and off safely without having to slip it over your wiggly pup’s head.

More Than Just Looks – Essential Safety Features

While fashionably adorable, these puppy collars weren’t designed just for looks. They were created with some important safety features to protect your newest family member.

Breakaway buckle – If the collar gets caught on something, the quick release buckle will detach. This prevents any choking hazard or injury to your pup.
Soft nylon material – The lightweight, flexible nylon is gentle on your pup’s delicate skin. It won’t cause any rubbing or irritation.
D-ring for tags – Each collar has a metal D-ring where you can attach an ID tag and/or leash. Essential for keeping your info on your pup.
Adjustable fit – As mentioned, you can easily adjust the size as needed for a comfortable, customized fit. Not too tight or too loose.
The Easiest Way to Identify Your Litter

When you welcome a whole litter of pups, telling them apart can be tricky at first! These identification collars make it a breeze to figure out which wiggly furball is which.

The assorted colors and patterns mean each pup can have their own signature look. No more guessing which pup is the biggest eater or most energetic. You’ll be able to immediately identify each one.

The collars are also fantastic for labeling your pup’s belonging, like food bowls, toys, beds and more. Coordinate the items to the pup for easy organization.

Great For All Small Pets!

While designed for newborn pups, these soft breakaway collars can also be used for kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets! Adjust the size to safely fit your furry friend.

Our Promise to You

Your new pup’s health and safety is our top concern. That’s why our collars are made from high-quality materials that meet the latest safety standards. We want your pup to stay comfy while looking oh-so-cute!

We stand behind our products 100%. If you have any issues whatsoever, please reach out and we’ll make it right.

But we’re sure you’ll absolutely love these playful collars as much as your new furry BFF. They’ll bring a smile to your face and give your heart a flutter each time you see your sweet pup wearing it.

Ready to welcome your new pup home in style? Grab this must-have set now and let the cuteness commence!


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