AmazeFun Absorbent Microfiber Dog Bathrobe Towel with Magic Stickers



After a bath or swim, quickly dry your wet dog while containing the shakes with the AmazeFun Dog Bathrobe Towel. This ultra absorbent microfiber robe soaks up over 7 times its weight in water!

The smart robe design provides full coverage with an adjustable belly band and tailored neck for a custom fit. Longer length contains moisture so your dog doesn’t drip all over. The soft, lightweight material is cozy and fast-drying.

Easy to get on and off thanks to magic stickers – they adhere gently to the microfiber fabric without getting stuck. Available in 3 sizes to fit small, medium and large breed dogs.

Perfect for bath time, swimming, rainy walks, drying off wet paws, and keeping your dog warm. Drape over car seats or furniture to protect from dampness. Toss in the machine for easy care.

Give your dog the spa treatment with this super soft, extra absorbent microfiber drying bath robe from AmazeFun!


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