Akatsuki Cloak Cosplay Costume for Dogs & Cats – Anime Style Pet Apparel



Let your furry friend join the anime fun with this Akatsuki cloak costume! Inspired by the style of the Akatsuki organization in Naruto Shippuden, this dramatic black robe allows your pet to cosplay along with you at comic cons, Halloween parties, and anime events.

Made from high quality polyester, the cloak features red cloud motifs and a high collar just like the Akatsuki members wear. The adjustable Velcro closure ensures a comfortable fit for small to medium sized cats and dogs.

Dress up your pet for photo ops, conventions, trick or treating, or just for fun anime-themed playtime. As every fan knows, the Akatsuki cloak is the quintessential symbol of the elite ninja group. Now your fur baby can look like they’re part of the gang!

Let your pet flaunt their fandom and immerse themselves in the world of anime with this creative cosplay accessory. Your dog or cat will have a blast dressing up as a mysterious Akatsuki member while you snap epic pics!


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