Aichiyu 2 Piece Dog & Cat Pirate Costume Set – Skull Hat & Bandana for Halloween



Ahoy matey! Dress up your furry first mate in swashbuckling style with this 2 piece pirate costume set from Aichiyu. Includes a jaunty skull pirate hat and coordinating bandana with skull & crossbones print. Perfect for transforming your pup or kitty into the captain of the high seas for Halloween, parties, photoshoots and daily adventures.

This cute pirate gear is made from soft, lightweight polyester designed for comfort and ease of wear. The hat’s adjustable strap ensures a secure fit. Your pet can comfortably wear this set for hours of rollicking pirate fun!

Pirate Skull Hat with Adjustable Strap

The tricorn-style pirate hat has a raised skull and crossbones emblem on the front. An adjustable velcro chin strap allows you to customize the fit.

Size the strap to your pet’s head for a snug yet comfy fit that won’t shift around. But not too tight – you still want wiggle room for ears and jowls!

Measuring about 9.8 inches long and 4.7 inches tall, this hat is sized to fit most medium to large dog breeds. It may be roomy for cats, small dogs or young pups – simply tighten the strap.

Matching Pirate Skull & Crossbones Bandana

Finish off the swashbuckling costume with the included matching bandana! The polyester scarf features a skull and crossbones print in black, white and gray.

Tie the triangle-shaped bandana loosely around your dog’s neck. For cats and small pets, fold it into a smaller triangle. This breathable scarf adds a pop of pirate flair while keeping your pet comfy.

Made from Soft, Durable Polyester

Both costume pieces are constructed from high quality polyester. This smooth fabric is gentle on sensitive pet skin and fur.

Polyester is also extremely durable. It holds up to paw swipes, claw snags and active play. Even after washing, the vibrant black and white prints maintain their color.

Lightweight and breathable, this pirate gear won’t overheat your pet. The quick-drying material resists odors too. Hand wash and line dry for best results.

Fun Pirate Costume Theme

While this 2 piece set makes the perfect pet pirate costume for Halloween, it’s a hit at swashbuckling events year-round including:

Talk Like a Pirate Day
Costume parties
Theatre performances & movie extras
Renaissance fairs and comic conventions
Vacation cruises or trips to the beach
Swimming pool parties
Photo shoots and family portraits
Your scallywag pup or scurvy cat will steal the show! This costume sparks imagination and playful adventures.

Mix & Match Accessories

Take your pet pirate theme over the top by pairing with accessories like:

Pirate hats, hooks and eye patches for the owner too
Pet pirate shirts, vests or dress costumes
Collars & leashes with pirate emblem charms
Parrots, stuffed sharks or giant treasure chest props
Pirate flags & banners for decorations
With a few added touches, you and your matey will be ready to find treasure, search for buried bones, and live that plundering pirate life!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Aichiyu, we stand behind the quality of our pet pirate costumes. If you have any issues, please reach out so we can make it right. We want your pet to have a fun and comfortable Halloween!


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