Adopt Me Triangle Dog Bandanas – Colorful Scarves for Shelter Dogs



Help deserving shelter dogs get noticed and adopted faster with these colorful Adopt Me triangle bandanas. Available in a variety of vibrant shades, they add personality and visibility to make adoptable pups more appealing. A must-have accessory for animal rescues, shelters, fosters and anyone who wants to promote pet adoption!

These soft, lightweight cotton bandanas are extra durable to withstand daily wear. The tie dye patterns and “Adopt Me” embroidery helps wonderful dogs in need find their forever homes.

Promotes Shelter Pet Adoption

These adoption bandanas were designed to:

Draw attention to adoptable dogs at shelters, events and meet-and-greets

Raise awareness for pet adoption when worn around town

Highlight each dog’s unique personality to find the perfect match

Identify rescue dogs at cafes, stores and businesses with adoption programs

The vibrant colors and “Adopt Me” message gets people noticing and asking about the dog. Use a marker to add dog’s name, ID, breed, etc too!

10 Vibrant Tie Dye Patterns

Choose from 10 fun tie dye patterns so you can match each dog’s colorful personality:

Rainbow – joyful blend of bright colors

Pink/Purple – pretty pastels for girl pups

Blue/Green – cool earth tones for boy pups

Red/Orange – bold warm hues full of spirit

Yellow – sunshine and positivty

Teal – calming blend of blue and green

Blue – steadfast, loyal and true

Pink – playful, sweet, affectionate

Purple – royal, magical, mysterious

Green – natural, peaceful, outdoorsy

Durable 100% Cotton Fabric

These dog bandanas are constructed from 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is super soft, breathable and gentle on a dog’s sensitive skin. It’s also very durable, getting softer over time without losing vibrancy.

The fabric has a tight weave and reinforced stitching that prevents ripping, fraying and tearing during daily use. It can withstand machine washing, knotting and active play. Lasts longer than cheap polyester blends.

2 Sizes to Fit Any Dog Breed

This style comes in 2 sizes to fit any dog from teacup pups to giant breeds:

XS Triangle – 14″ x 14″ x 21″
Perfect for Chihuahuas, Yorkies, small Terriers

Large Triangle – 22″ x 22″ x 31″
Ideal for most medium, large and extra large breeds

The long ties allow you to adjust for a snug or loose fit. Fold fabric for smaller heads. Lightweight cotton stretches just enough to knot securely without chafing.

Great for Shelters & Rescues

These adoption bandanas are essentials for:

Pet adoption events, fundraisers and meet-and-greets

Identifying adoptable pups in public

Adding personality for adoption profile photos

Fosters to promote their foster dog

Adopted pets to show shelter pride

Give the Gift of Hope

Know someone who volunteers at a rescue? These bandanas make thoughtful gifts as you’ll be helping dogs in need find homes. Buy some to donate directly to your local shelter too!

The vibrant colors and “Adopt Me” message helps shelter pets get noticed and adopted into loving fur-ever homes. A heartwarming gift for any dog lover.


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