Adopt Me Dog Bandanas – 3 Pack of Colorful Scarves to Promote Pet Adoption



Help find fur-ever homes for shelter dogs with these eye-catching Adopt Me bandanas. The 3-pack includes a yellow, orange and green bandana embroidered with an adorable paw print and “Adopt Me” text. Perfect for promoting pet adoption at outings, meet-and-greets, shelters and rescue events.

These high-quality cotton bandanas are soft, breathable and extra durable to withstand daily use. The vibrant colors and fun embroidery are sure to help wonderful shelter dogs get noticed and find their forever families.

Promotes Pet Adoption

These bandanas were specially designed to promote pet adoption by:

Drawing attention to adoptable dogs at shelters, rescues and adoption events

Raising awareness about shelter pet adoption whenever worn out around town

Showcasing a dog’s unique personality to make them more appealing to potential adopters

Identifying adoptable pups at cafes, stores and businesses with adoptable pet programs

The bright colors and “Adopt Me” message sparks conversation about shelter dog adoption. You can even use a permanent marker to write the dog’s name, ID number, breed, etc on the fabric.

3 Vibrant Color Choices

This pack includes 3 bandana colors so you can switch up a dog’s look:

Sunshine yellow – Fresh and optimistic

Fire orange – Bold and playful

Leaf green – Natural and outdoorsy

The variety allows you to match each dog’s unique personality and style. All 3 include the same cute embroidered paw print and “Adopt Me” lettering.

Durable 100% Cotton Fabric

These dog scarves are constructed from 100% cotton fabric. The natural fibers are super soft against a dog’s fur and won’t cause irritation or overheating. Cotton is also very breathable to keep pups comfortable in any weather.

The fabric has a double-layered weave that prevents fraying and increases durability. It’s thick enough to provide warmth yet lightweight for comfort. The vibrant dyed colors remain bright wash after wash.

Edge stitching gives added strength so these bandanas can withstand daily use, machine washing, and repeated knotting and untying. They’ll last longer than cheap polyester blends.

One Size Fits Most Dogs

These oversized triangle bandanas measure approximately 28 x 19 inches. The long ties allow you to adjust for a custom fit on any dog breed.

Recommended for medium, large and extra large breeds. Easily ties around necks up to 20 inches. For smaller dogs, simply fold the fabric into a smaller triangle.

The 100% cotton material has just the right amount of stretch to knot snugly while still allowing your dog to comfortably eat, drink, pant, bark and play.

Great for Shelters & Rescues

These Adopt Me bandanas are perfect for:

Dressing dogs at adoption events, meet-and-greets, fundraisers

Identifying adoptable pups at businesses with shelter dog programs

Adding personality when taking photos of dogs for online profiles

Fosters to promote their foster dog and adoption

Adopted pets to show love for their shelter of origin

Give the Gift of Hope

Know someone who volunteers at a shelter or rescue? These bandanas make an incredibly thoughtful gift. You’ll be helping shelter dogs in need find loving homes.

You can also buy a set and donate it directly to your local rescue. The volunteers will appreciate the help dressing and identifying their adoptable pups.

Give the gift of hope this season by purchasing and sharing these Adopt Me bandanas!


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