ADOGGYGO Cat Birthday Party Supplies – Girl Kitten Birthday Bandana & Hat Set



Make your furry friend’s birthday extra special with these adorable cat birthday party supplies from ADOGGYGO! The pink girl cat set includes a glittery birthday hat and a cute bow tie bandana so your kitten can celebrate in style.

Includes Birthday Bandana & Hat

This birthday party pack contains:

1 pink cat birthday bandana
1 pink glittery birthday hat with numbers
The soft cotton candy pink bandana ties around your kitten’s neck and has “Happy Birthday” printed on the front in colorful rainbow letters. A large bow on top adds a girly touch.

The matching hat is pink with white polka dots and a shiny glittery finish. It comes with golden birthday number decorations from 0 to 9 that you can stick on the front to display your cat’s age. An elastic string keeps it secured on your kitty’s head.

Designed for Girl Kittens

These birthday supplies were designed just for girl kittens and cats!

The bright pink colors, large bow, and sparkly details give off a very feminine vibe that your female feline will love.

While cats don’t necessarily have gender preferences when it comes to accessories, these birthday pieces have a clear girl kitten aesthetic.

Adjustable Size for All Kittens & Cats

The bandana and hat are made to fit most cat head sizes and neck lengths.

The bandana measures 4.3″ x 5″ and has a long tie strap with an adjustable slide buckle so you can loosen or tighten it. It stretches long enough to fit young kittens up to full grown cats.

The hat is 4″ tall to fit nicely on kitty heads without covering their eyes or ears. An elastic string allows it to fit snugly in place.

To ensure a comfy fit, measure your cat’s neck and head before use. Add an extra inch to the bandana, and position the hat just above their ears.

High Quality Materials

These cat birthday accessories are made from pet-safe, high quality materials:

The bandana is soft 100% cotton fabric that’s gentle on kitty fur.
The hat uses durable cardboard coated in non-toxic laminate with elastic string.
Vibrant non-toxic dyes are used for the prints and colors.
The number decorations are plastic and attached with a non-irritating adhesive.
So while your cat looks runway-ready, these materials are designed for comfort, safety and everyday play.

Photos & Memories to Last a Lifetime

This birthday supplies set allows you to make your kitten’s first ever birthday extra special, or create new memories for a 5th, 10th birthday and beyond!

Use the glittery hat and cute bandana to:

Take adorable birthday photos
Decorate for a feline birthday party
Include in goodie bags for kitty guests
Bake kitten-friendly cupcakes or cake pops
Open gifts and play with new cat toys
Sing “Happy Birthday” in style
Make a birthday card with your cat’s paw print
Capture your kitten’s birthday personality in a custom art portrait
The memories and pictures you’ll cherish forever are priceless!

Easy On & Off for Playtime

These birthday accessories make dress up a breeze for kittens and cats.

The bandana quickly ties and unties around your cat’s neck. The hat stretches over your kitty’s head and secured with a gentle elastic string.

Both pieces are made of soft, flexible materials, so your cat can comfortably keep them on for extended play, cuddles and photos.

When the birthday fun is over, simply remove the accessories. Give your kitten pets, treats and let them nap in their new favorite sunny spot.

Fun Facts About Kittens

In between birthday celebrations, be sure to give your kitten:

Plenty of playtime with interactive toys, cat towers and scratching posts
Wet and dry food suited for kitten nutrition
Constant access to clean, fresh water
Litter boxes scooped daily
Cozy beds and blankets for cat naps
Lots of head rubs and belly scratches!
Here are some other fascinating facts about kittens:

Kittens are born with their eyes closed and open them at 1-2 weeks old. Their vision develops fully by 3-4 months.
They start developing teeth at just 2-3 weeks old. Kittens have all 30 adult teeth by 9 months old.
At around 4 weeks old, kittens start learning to use a litter box and groom themselves.
Kittens begin eating solid food at 3-4 weeks old to supplement nursing.
Their sense of hearing starts developing at just 1 week old.
Kittens can start purring as young as 2 days old!
They are playful and curious by nature. Make sure to kitten-proof your home.

Pawty On with ADOGGYGO!

Make your kitten’s birthday celebration a day she’ll never forget! With adorable party supplies and memories to cherish, you can look forward to celebrating every year. Let the birthday fun begin!


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