ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Cowboy Costume – Hat & Bandana Set for Reptile Dress Up



Howdy partner! Get your bearded dragon ready to ride into the sunset with this adorable cowboy costume set from ADOGGYGO!

Includes Cowboy Hat & Bandana

This set comes with two pieces to outfit your bearded dragon in full cowboy attire:

1 felt cowboy hat
1 cotton bandana
The brown cowboy hat fits perfectly on your pet reptile’s head and features intricate stitching details that look just like a real cowboy’s hat.

The red bandana with white stars ties loosely around their neck and adds a pop of color to complete the cowboy look.

Designed for Bearded Dragons & Small Reptiles

These cowboy accessories are sized for bearded dragons and other small pet reptiles like:

Leopard geckos
Crested geckos
Small lizards & skinks
Pacman frogs
Small snakes like corn snakes or king snakes
The hat has an adjustable chin strap so you can loosen or tighten it to fit snugly on your bearded dragon’s head without blocking their eyes.

The bandana is made from a soft, stretchy cotton material that ties easily around your pet reptile’s neck.

High Quality Materials

These dress up cowboy accessories are handmade from safe, high quality materials:

The hat is constructed from durable felt that keeps its shape without being too heavy or rigid.
The bandana is 100% soft cotton fabric that won’t irritate delicate reptile skin.
Both pieces are stitched together by hand with great attention to detail. They’re built to last through all your bearded dragon’s wild western adventures!

Fun for Photoshoots & Playtime

This cowboy costume set allows you to live out all your Woody & Buzz Lightyear fantasies with your scaly best friend!

Use the hat and bandana for:

Funny pet reptile photoshoots
Bearded dragon Halloween costumes
Creative Instagram posts
Pet reptile birthday parties
Bearded dragon dress up adventures
The bandana can also be used separately for everyday wear to give your bearded dragon a pop of cowboy flair.

Your reptile will love playing, exploring, and lounging around in their new cowboy duds. Yeehaw!

Easy to Put On & Take Off

These bearded dragon accessories make dress up a breeze.

The hat’s adjustable chin strap allows you to easily secure it on your pet’s head or remove it when playtime is over.

The bandana simply ties around the neck with room for comfort. Then untie when done.

And since they’re made from soft, flexible materials, your pet can comfortably wear these accessories for extended periods of play or photoshoots.

When you’re all wrangled out, remove the hat and bandana and get your reptile partner cleaned up with a gentle bath if needed.

Care Instructions

Keep your bearded dragon’s cowboy gear looking its best with simple care:

Hand wash hat & bandana in cold water with gentle soap
Air dry completely before next use
Store accessories in a safe place when not in use
Check for wear and damage before each use
Discontinue use if accessories become damaged or unsafe
Do not machine wash or place accessories in a reptile terrarium or tank.

Fun Biology Facts About Bearded Dragons

In between cowboy adventures, give your bearded dragon lots of time to lounge and soak up sunshine. Here are some cool facts about these friendly lizard pets:

Bearded dragons are diurnal and need 10-12 hours of bright UVB light every day. This allows them to bask and warm their bodies.

They come from a hot, arid desert climate in Australia. Recreate this environment in their tank with warm basking temperatures up to 115°F.

In the wild bearded dragons are omnivores. Feed them a varied diet of vegetables, fruits, insects, and small animals.

You can tell male from female bearded dragons by larger head size and darker beard coloring in males once they mature.

Bearded dragons puff out their throat (called a beard) and change colors when threatened or territorial. But they rarely bite if handled respectfully.

As they grow, bearded dragons shed their skin every 4-6 weeks. Help the process by providing a shallow soaking dish.

With proper care, bearded dragons can live 6-10 years in captivity and bond closely with their owners.

Wrangler Your Reptile Today!

Turn your bearded dragon into a rootin’ tootin’ cowboy with this fun costume set from ADOGGYGO! The hat and bandana add a wholesome dose of Western charm for playtime dress up and photographs. Yeehaw!


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